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Episode 6: Resilience & Bouncing Back RSS feed

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Click on the links below to watch individual sections of Episode 6:
Introduction (2:59)
Part 1: What Went Wrong? (3:18)
Part 2: The Low Point (5:00)
Part 3: Solutions (7:08)
Take-Aways & Credits (3:11)



1. What are some ways I could become more engaged in my classes?


2. Which organization or time management strategy mentioned in this episode would make the most difference in my life if I applied it right now?


3. Am I in the right major? And how do I know?


4. What role do these people play in my life and how could I make the most of the support they might have to offer?

• parents
• siblings
• friends
• significant others
• fellow students
• professors
• advisors
• RAs or counselors
• tutors


5. One student in this episode talks about how changing his view of the purpose of a college education made a huge difference in his academic performance. What is my view and how could I change it?


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