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Student Academic Center

“Click to Succeed: Online Student Support”


This online workshop series produced by the Student Academic Center focuses on a wide variety of topics and skills to enhance undergraduate academic success and provide students the tools they need to reach the ultimate potential of a college education. Each episode exists in video and audio-only versions, and new episodes in the series will be released regularly.

You can: 1) stream the episodes online right here from our blog – check out theĀ Episode Guide; 2) subscribe to this series and download the episodes as a podcast from iTunes or IU Podcast Portal; or 3) watch them on our YouTube channel (IUB_SAC).


Series Introduction

This introduction lays out the purpose and approach of the series, describing what is possible to achieve with an undergraduate education, the kind of learner that is most successful at meeting these goals, and the common obstacles students encounter along the way.




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For More Information

Contact Anthony Guest-Scott at, or stop by the Student Academic Center (408 N. Union St. Suite 300) with your ideas for episode topics or questions!