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Online Video Series

Our online video series focuses on a wide variety of topics and skills to enhance undergraduate academic success. New episodes are released regularly. You can: 1) stream it right here; 2) subscribe to this series and download the episodes as a podcast from iTunes or IU Podcast Portal; or 3) watch them on our YouTube channel (IUB_SAC).


Episode 8: Multiple Choice Mayhem

youtube_thumbnail_editMultiple choice is great because the correct answer is right there in front of you.  But how do you find it?  And how can you maximize your score?  First, a “bird’s-eye-view” and some general strategy.  Then, tips from students, based on science, that will help you bubble your way to success.  Last, some myth-busting—if you have to guess, what works (and what doesn’t)?

Episode 7: How to Write a Thesis Statement core of college writing is the thesis statement. But what is it, exactly? What should it do? How do you face a blank page and get started writing one? And what are some of the challenges you might face while creating it? In this episode we tackle these questions and take you through the process. To do this, we challenge Kate and Drew to create their own thesis statements interpreting a well-known sculpture on the IU Bloomington campus. We look in on their writing, and then compare the two.

Episode 6: Resilience & Bouncing Back this episode we go straight to the source and get some ideas and strategies from students who have known what it’s like to struggle academically and then come out on top.

Episode 5: Everybody’s Talking About College Success this episode, we explore competing definitions of college success and argue that there are ways to bring them together. We poll students and faculty and discover four ways that you can accomplish this.

Episode 4: Motivation

episode4_Segment 2b.Still001In this episode, we target something many students find especially elusive: motivation. We talk about how it works, describe common obstacles, and offer some sound paths for how to find it.

Episode 3: Taking Notes in Class

youtube_thumbnail_editIn this episode, we demystify note-taking in class. We sketch out some basic tips, like active listening and how to deal with the speed of lectures. We spend the most time with a mock lecture (taken from an actual IU American History course) where we compare and contrast different note-taking systems, and analyze their relative effectiveness for different kinds of material.

Episode 2: Time Management

youtube_thumbnail_editIn this episode, we dive into one of the most difficult subjects for students: time management. We walk through how to create a prioritizing habit and put it into action. We outline how best to plan your weekly time for the semester as well as how to realistically plot outside work and study time. We wrap up by highlighting strategies to address common challenges like procrastination and heavy workloads.

Episode 1: Quizzes! Tests! Exams!

youtube_thumbnail_editIn this episode, we lay out some strategies you can use to master and ace all of your quizzes, tests, and exams. We talk about preparing beforehand, including the best ways to arrange your study sessions so you remember the material and how to beat test anxiety. We also discuss what to do during the test – like how best to answer all of the different kinds of questions you’ll encounter – and what to do with tests after they’re over so you don’t repeat the same mistakes next time.

Series Introduction

youtube_thumbnail_editThis introduction lays out the purpose and approach of the series, describing what is possible to achieve with an undergraduate education, the kind of learner that is most successful at meeting these goals, and the common obstacles students encounter along the way.



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